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When is the Best Time to Refinance Your Car Loan?

Walking into a dealership knowing that you’ll be leaving with a new vehicle is an exciting experience. The peace of mind of not having to worry about car trouble and, of course, that new car smell are two great benefits of purchasing a new vehicle. Unfortunately, when purchasing a new vehicle, some of us also... read more

Helping Your Teenager Learn About Money Management

Summer has finally arrived and most of your teenage children will probably be out and about searching for a summer job, or maybe he/she already has one. Like most young Americans, money management is a skill that’s yet to be learned. Most will splurge on video games, makeup, clothes, etc. As parents, it’s important to... read more

Father’s Day Gift Ideas That Won’t Break Your Account

Every year as Father’s Day nears, we scramble to find a worthy gift for one of the most important men in our lives. We’d love to shower our fathers with gifts worthy of the upbringing they’ve given us. Yet, sometimes we’re on a budget where all we can offer is appreciation and love. VFCU is... read more

Teaching Your Child About the Importance of Money Management

There are lessons in life that usually come at a cost. Yet, one of the most important non-costly skills a parent can teach their children is how to develop good financial habits. With a VFCU Youth Account, your child will learn about money management and gain interest in the value of a dollar. VFCU’s Youth... read more

Vacation With Valley Federal Credit Union

June has arrived and the children are out from school, plus the nice toasty weather in the Rio Grande Valley brings one thing to mind - vacation time! While most have already planned their summer getaway, others are still thinking about where to go and how much to spend. Valley Federal Credit Union offers services... read more

Take Out a Loan with Us for Your Boating Hobby

When summer arrives, so does one of the most popular past times for countless Americans – boating. Although not as popular in the Valley as other parts of the nation, many still participate in boating at South Padre Island and Port Isabel. Boating can be an exciting but expensive hobby. This is why Valley Federal... read more

6 Tips on Purchasing a New or Used Vehicle

Choosing the right car can sometimes be an overwhelming task. Deciding on the size, model and year can take weeks of decision-making time. After deciding on the perfect car or truck, you’ll then need to consider how to pay for it. Many Valley citizens typically take out a loan with their financial institution in order... read more

Take Valley Federal Credit Union with You to College

Many students across America will be fresh out of high school this spring. Many of them are looking forward to a carefree summer, while others will be making the transition into college. With college also comes the issue of having to pay for it. The smartest option is to apply for scholarships, and then there’s... read more

Help Mom with Her Finances this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is just around the corner (May 8th) and we know you’re already conjuring up ideas on what to give her as a gift. She more than likely won’t object to flowers, jewelry or an all-day pass to her favorite spa, but here’s a thought: Why not help her open up a savings account... read more

Start Your Journey on Saving with an IRA or Roth IRA with VFCU

Who wants to be a millionaire? It almost seems like a trick question. The truth of the matter is, all of us do. For many Americans, having a million dollars in the bank seems unattainable or unrealistic. It seems to be only for a world of people born into money and celebrities. Yet, the secret... read more