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Your Tax Prep Checklist: A Few Forms to Keep in Mind

On January 29th, the IRS kicked off the opening of the 2018 tax season. While April 15th is the last day to file your taxes, we all know that some taxpayers will wait until the last minute to gather all of the necessary documentation to file theirs. But why wait? Is it because of the... read more

A New Year, A New Score: 3 Tips to Improve Your Credit in 2018

Good credit (above 700) is used for more than just determining approval for credit cards or loans. Businesses can also depend on credit to decide whether they can extend products or services to you. On top of that, the effects determine if you can purchase a house, how much you’ll pay, the car you can... read more

4 Resolutions for 2018 That Can Help Your Finances

It’s a new year and a new you. Start 2018 with a bang and with better personal financial management! This can be the perfect time to overhaul your spending habits, create a game plan and conquer your goals financially. Let’s go over a few things you can do to help make 2018’s finances easier to... read more

Checking and Savings Accounts: Knowing the Difference Between the Two

At Valley Federal Credit Union, we want for you to be informed about where your money is going and how safe it is. The two most common services at financial institutions are checking and savings accounts. Although somewhat similar, they both work very differently. Before opening either of these, it’s important to know the difference... read more

Take Advantage of VFCU’s Apple Pay and Mobile Money App This Holiday Season!

The holidays are here and that means shopping for gifts, preparing meals and welcoming family into town. The last thing you’ll want to worry about, however, is managing your finances. That’s why Valley Federal Credit Union has made it easier for members to have access to their checking and savings accounts wherever they are! It’s... read more

Making the Switch: 4 Incredible Advantages of Joining a Credit Union

Banks are making record profits this year. According to CNN Money, big banks have racked up $6.4 billion in ATM and overdraft fees alone. Retail banks, or consumer banks, are not only frustrating Americans, but are leading them to seek an alternative for their financial needs. That’s where we come in. Many people may not... read more

Money Used Smartly: 7 Ways to Use a Personal Loan from VFCU!

Loans serve a single purpose; to help you afford whatever it is you’re looking to buy. Personal loans are a little more flexible in terms of what you can use them for. Usually, customers opt to take advantage of low interest rates to consolidate debt or pay for a variety of things. At Valley Federal... read more

4 Reasons Why You Should be Taking Advantage of Our Bill Pay Service!

One of the biggest gripes most people have when trying to live a hassle-free financial life is eliminating unnecessary little things. Yes, paying bills is something everyone will always have to do, but does it really have to be so tedious and time-consuming? At Valley Federal Credit Union, we’re proud to offer the convenience of... read more

3 Factors You Should be Considering to Help Repair Your Poor Credit Score

Whether we like to admit it or not, credit scores can have a profound effect on what we can purchase and how much we pay for certain items. They’re a record of your purchasing behavior, similarly to how driving records give insurance companies a glimpse of how you are behind the wheel. Bad credit scores... read more

What You Can do to Go About Spending Less During College – Part 2

In our previous blog post, we discussed in length how to take charge of your own financial affairs while in college. Good spending habits like making a budget, being responsible and accounting for your finances are great ways to kickstart your college life. Now, let’s talk about a few more ways to live financially comfortable... read more