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We’re Happy to Announce that VFCU Now Offers Consolidation Loans!

Are you starting the new year with financial debt and aren’t sure how to repay it? VFCU understands that every member has their own unique financial goals, so consolidating your loans may be the best option! Take charge of your debt this year and consolidate your loans for as low as 8.25% APR with our... read more

Our Credit Union in Brownsville Offers You Peace of Mind with Our Personal Loans and Credit Options

The holidays have passed, but Valley Federal Credit Union still wants to bring you peace of mind with your finances. For example, VFCU can help with all of your loan needs! We offer short-term loans or skip-a-payment options, so read on to see which is the best fit for you. Personal/Signature Loans Our personal and... read more

Two Tips to Protect Your Personal Information While Traveling During the Holidays

Traveling during the holidays can always be a fit of frenzy while with family. You have to survive airports, heavy traffic, and, most importantly, the risk of identity theft. With more and more people traveling these days during this season, this is when everyone needs to think about their lines of credit and vulnerability abroad.... read more

Sign Up for a Holiday Cash Loan with Our Credit Union in Brownsville!

The holidays are meant to be a time when everybody comes together to celebrate. A lot of expenses come up during this time of year and it can get a bit overwhelming if you don’t set aside a holiday budget. Read on to find out how to use your VFCU Holiday Cash Loan today! Gift... read more

3 Great Ways to Save Money Now so You Can Spend Easier During the Holidays!

With the holidays coming up, your budget is about to take a significant hit. For that reason, we want to provide a few tips on easy ways to save money now. This way, you’ll have some extra cash to spend during this season! Avoid Eating Out Too Much Spending money on daily coffee and lunch... read more

Celebrating International Credit Union Day with VFCU in Brownsville!

The 70th Annual International Credit Union Day celebration is on October 18th and we are so proud to be a part of a movement so grand. At our Brownsville Credit Union, we pride ourselves on being “People Helping People”. When you think of Valley Federal Credit Union, you can be sure that we will put... read more

Identity Theft: Learning About This Very Serious Issue with Valley Federal Credit Union

Identity theft involves another party using your personal information without your knowledge or permission for financial gain. Know that there are several types of identity theft. This can include mail theft, dumpster-diving, spying on ATM activities and even purse- and wallet-snatching. Though these methods differ, the damage they cause is the same. In this piece,... read more

Our Auto Loan Rates Have Never Been Lower, So Don’t Miss Out on Them!

Have you been thinking about getting yourself a new set of wheels? If your car is barely hanging in there and is about to just give out completely, then it may be time to consider purchasing another one. If you are, then this is your chance! If you’re concerned that you won’t be able to... read more

Take Advantage of Our “Awesome August” Promo Before it’s Too Late!

As much as we’d like to prepare for unexpected emergencies, life still has a tendency to send inconvenient surprises our way. You can have a backup fund ready for the unexpected, but sometimes an emergency can go beyond what you’ve prepared for. On the other hand, what about those extra little splurges we like to... read more

Recover After Severe Storms with Our Signature and Personal Loans!

Heavy rainfall struck the Rio Grande Valley during the third week of June, creating strong floods in certain parts of the region that left many home- and businessowners scratching their heads over how to handle the situation. What’s more is that an unimaginable amount of damage was caused to many residential and commercial structures, and... read more