Estimados Miembros,

Aviso muy importante! Si recibe un correo de parte de vfcu@vfcu.net ajunto con http://www.vfcu.net/ y verification@curesources.coop, NO LO ABRA, cancele este correo de immediate! La Union De Credit Valley Federal jamas mandara un correo electronico sobre informe de revisor de cuentas.

ATM Locations

VFCU Brownsville – 183 E. Price Road
Brownsville – Valley Baptist Medical Center
Brownsville – Valley Regional Hospital
Harlingen – 1613 W. Filmore

* Over 700 ATM’s with Stripes in Texas!

Automatic Teller Machines are another way that Valley Federal Credit Union serves our members. Open 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, ATMs allow for cash withdrawals, balance inquiries, and other services. Valley Federal Credit Union conveniently offers 4 ATM locations throughout Cameron County as well as over 700 ATMs with Stripes convenience stores throughout Texas!