Credit Unions offer Investments

Credit unions differ from banks in several ways but now they are beginning to offer investment services in an attempt to lure customers away from banks. Along with offering lower fees, lower interest rates and that personal touch, they also offer financial services. Callahan and Associates claims that nearly 30 percent of credit unions across... read more

EITC and Credit Unions

Tax time is stressful for everyone. Credit unions are offering tax assistance to their members and the NCUA is reminding them to inform their members of the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC). This tax credit can be extremely welcome, especially to low-income families. Since its inception in 1975, it has been a continual incentive to... read more

Road to Financial Independence

Beginning a college career is the halfway mark of life. It is the transitional phase between awkward school dances to being a full-fledged adult in the workforce. Those first four years of university life define and mold the person we will become. We learn responsibility and independence to prepare us for the realities of the... read more

Credit Unions Help Consumers Save

Credit unions across the country have been making a name for themselves in the financial institute industry in recent years. The Credit Union National Association's Economics and Statistics Department (CUNA) recently announced that due to more competitive rates and lower fees, 93.3 million members saved $6 billion a year. Many states have been reporting savings... read more

Need Financial Aid, Try a Credit Union

Credit unions are known to help their members succeed in whatever way possible. This includes offering private student loans for their college-bound members. Everyone understands that attending college requires a financial commitment that can’t always be completely filled without some sort of aid. Students should always try to get as much “free” money from the... read more

Credit Unions and the Holidays

The holidays are typically a frenzy of parties, shopping and family reunions. Giving back to the community is also a major part of the holiday season. Credit unions are active participants during the holiday season and also give back to the community by extending their generosity to their customers. In keeping with the holiday spirit,... read more

Credit Ratings No Longer an Investment Decision

The NCUA Board approved the rule that would eliminate the use of credit ratings as a way to determine investment creditworthiness. This rule was brought into play after credit ratings plummeted in today’s economy. Credit Unions will now consider several factors to determine eligibility for investments. The NCUA will provide guidance and advice. This new... read more

Credit Unions and Technology

It seems as though every bank today has a mobile app or offers easier ways to bank from your computer. Credit unions are not far behind. In fact some larger credit unions are ahead of banks when it comes to technological advances like web chat, click to call or remote tellers. The reason for this... read more

Housing Bubble Aftermath Driving Credit Union Membership

In the wake of the housing bubble’s burst and the aftermath leading to the Great Recession, credit union membership has grown. The driving forces behind membership increases are assisting in home purchasing and refinancing of existing home mortgages. Since their inception, credit union memberships have resulted in customers wanting to open low interest checking accounts,... read more

Credit Unions and Party Politics

When asked which political party tends to ally itself with the credit industry, Patrick La Pine, the president and CEO of the League of Southern Credit Unions, stated that both major parties have warmly received the industry. Having worked with individual lawmakers, the credit industry has received support in regards to Member Business Lending (MBL)... read more