Dear Members,

Please be aware if you receive an email from vfcu@vfcu.net along with http://www.vfcu.net/ and verification@curesources.coop together please do not open email; delete it immediately. Valley Federal Credit Union will never send an email regarding conducting verification of members accounts. Thank you Valley Federal Credit Union.

Christmas Club

Minimum Balance Requirements: The minimum balance required to open this account is $1.00. If the account does not have a balance of $25.00 by April 1st, the account will be closed and the money returned to you.

Fees: No early withdrawals. Accounts will be closed and a $10.00 fee will be charged.

Time Requirements: All deposits must be made by October 31st and funds will be transferred to your share account by mid-November, with the exception of $1.00 to keep the account open.

Rate Information: The dividend rate is subject to change without prior notice.