Mobile Money: Mobile Banking Keeps You on Track

Having quick access to your money is a big deal these days, especially as the holidays come around. Whether you’re picking up groceries for Thanksgiving dinner or buying early Christmas gifts during the Black Friday rush, it’s critical to have access to your bank accounts wherever you are. In the age of smartphones, mobile banking... read more

Useful Tips for Holiday Financials

As the holiday season approaches, so do the expenses. Buying candy for trick-or-treaters, setting up the Thanksgiving feast and buying Christmas gifts for your family can all be huge burdens on your wallet. Sure, money is pretty far down the list of things that make a great family holiday, but it helps, and as a... read more

Financing Your New Car: Dealerships vs. Credit Union Loans

Aside from a home, one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make is a car. For first-timers, car-buying can be a daunting and frustrating experience. Even if you’ve done your research on the type of car you want, improving your credit score, setting your budget and pouring over other financing details, you may not strike... read more

Credit Unions Top Latest Customer Satisfaction Reports

A new report released by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) showed that credit unions are leading the way in customer satisfaction. Along with other financial services, credit unions continue to rank top among financial institutions in various areas. Banks, however, have experienced a drop in customer satisfaction. Smaller banks have suffered the most as... read more

U.S. Credit Union Loans Growing Strong

Credit unions one-up banks in lending in the latest report by the NCUA. The nation's once-sluggish financial platform seems to be gaining traction as credit unions continue to increase lending and memberships. According to data released by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), credit unions experienced a 9.8% loan growth during the second quarter of... read more

Helpful Financial Advice for New College Grads

For many recent college graduates, finding a career and starting a professional life can be exciting. It is also a perfect opportunity to gain financial footing. On the other hand, many college graduates face a daunting variety of financial challenges, including substantial student loan debt and a tough job market. It can seem overwhelming for... read more

Credit Unions Celebrate Financial Literacy Month, Highlight Importance of Financial Education

April is Financial Literacy month and credit unions across the nation are doing their part to shed light on the importance of financial education amongst young adults. Money management skills are somewhat lacking in this group despite attempts to improve financial literacy. A recent survey by EverFi and Higher One revealed that college freshmen who’d... read more

Research Shows Baby Boomers More Likely to Purchase New Vehicles

Auto-buying trends are changing thanks to the Baby Boomer generation according to a recent study conducted by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute. Research shows when it comes to purchasing a new vehicle, baby boomers may have an edge over the potential buying power of Generation Y. Aging vehicles and an increase in disposable... read more

Study Reveals Millenials Working to Build Credit

A common misconception today is that young adults are financially irresponsible, mainly because of their lack of experience in money management. Researchers from the Federal Reserve and Arizona State University suggest that college-aged credit card users are more responsible than middle-aged borrowers. The study indicates a strong relationship between early credit card use and mortgage... read more

Join Us In Celebrating International Credit Union Day

On Thursday, October 17th, 2013, credit unions in 100 countries will celebrate International Credit Union Day. It is a day to proudly recognize the hard work of those working in the credit union industry and to how appreciation for credit union members. Credit unions continue to demonstrate their ability to improve the lives of individuals,... read more